I started with yoga in 2006. Originally, it was by a mistake when my mother mentioned the lesson and offered me to go to the next one with her. I thought yoga was something slow, unassuming and strange. The first lesson showed me my mistake very quickly. It took me a while to find my studio and the teacher who suit me, which is also important. It is said that as many yoga instructors as there are so many types of yoga… on the other hand, yoga is just one. Despite the amazing physical effects of yoga, I slowly began to discover other benefits. Physical and psychological well-being, calmness, insight, attitude to life as such and last but not least a smile on the face. I would like to share this pleasure with you.



  • 2015 - Yoga teacher 150 course with power yoga specialization
  • 2018 - RYT200, power yoga and hatha yoga
  • 2018 - hormonal yoga therapy with Dinah Rodriguez
  • 2018 - Ayurveda and yoga, India
  • 2019 - RYT 300, yoga therapy and Ayurveda, Spain