I work with every client completely individually and during our first joint lesson I find out his physical state and perform diagnostics of the locomotor apparatus, so that I know exactly how to work with the client. I consider it necessary to get acquainted with the client's state of health, his sporting history, wishes, goals, and motivation.
Without diagnostics, it is not possible to prepare a quality training program to be effective, entertaining and enduring for the client.


  • Individual training - tailored to the needs of the client (reduction training, drawing training, fitness training)
  • Health exercises (problems with the cervical spine, strengthening the stabilization system, etc.)
  • Weight loss
  • Balancing muscle imbalances
  • Strengthening the deep stabilization system
  • Exercise on balance aids
  • Exercises on the TRX suspension system
  • Diagnostics of musculoskeletal system
  • Proper breathing and body posture during exercise
  • Proper body posture in everyday life
  • Stretching to relieve overloaded muscle groups
  • Compilation of individual training plans
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Making a diet


I have a fitness trainer license II. class and a "nutritionist" certificate.
I focus on individual exercises as well as on group lessons - tabata, problematic parts, stretching and circular training.



A one-time lesson for individuals

Only as an introductory lesson or by appointment

550 CZK

10 lessons for individuals

5 000 CZK

A one-time lesson for a couple

Only as an introductory lesson or individually by appointment

850 CZK

10 lessons for a couple

7 000 CZK

Creating an individual training plan

800 CZK



Food and nutrition consultation

600 CZK

Individual menu

3 500 CZK

Individual 3-month program

The program includes food menu, 25 training sessions, 1 month consultation and Tanita weight measurement. The price does not include fitness admission.

12 500 CZK

Tanita weight measurement

Results in electronic form.

100 CZK

Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

The average lesson lasts 60 minutes.

Each lesson includes an initial warm-up, self-exercise, and final stretching.

The price does not include fitness admission.



Phone: +420 728 760 962

Mail: [javascript protected email]





Marie S.

I found Panther Gym on the internet and despite all the worries I decided to undergo a three-month program led by the coach and nutrition consultant Jana Albrechtová. It is a great advantage that the training plan and the menu will be compiled by one person to measure, and both complement each other.

As for the workouts, Mrs. Jana is very creative and the training is always completely different. Whether I exercise with my own weight, on machines or with various aids. She even took into account my back injury and invents exercises that do not burden them, but rather strengthen them.

The menu I feared the most at first wasn't a problem in the end. It is tasty and easy to prepare. Of course, it is necessary to get used to it from the beginning, but after the first weeks it is a routine matter.

And did it make sense? That's for sure. I continue training with Mrs. Jana and from October to February I lost a whole 16 kg and countless centimeters all over my body. I feel much better both physically and mentally and I decided to stay with a healthy lifestyle. I am very glad that I found a nice nice gym near my place of residence, which offered me what I was looking for and needed.

If you are hesitant, I can only recommend, you will not only change your character.


Jana J.

I am glad that I decided for lessons with coach Jana, which gave me meaning and a determination to do something with myself . The exercises were explained to me (even several times ), she gave good advice on what and how to practice, what I do wrong, but she also praised me. She made me a plan of exercises and we quite laughed at the exercises. Her approach was understanding, human, positive and very successful for me. We understood each other and that is also important. Furthermore, the environment and equipment of the gym is great. I'm really looking forward to the next exercise! 


Vítězslava D.

I have been practicing with Mrs. Jana Albrechtová since January 2019, I completed a successful three-month "transformation" with her on the basis of a suitable diet and a set of exercises.
Given my advanced age, it was a little harder, the more I appreciate her approach. She is very empathetic, considerate ... her exercise lesson is well thought out, she willingly compiles a lesson "on request". This is one of the main reasons why I like to practice with her and (if I can) I will practice further.