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December 6, 2019


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Cancellation fees for classes

November 25, 2019

Dear clients,
please note that from 1 December 2019 cancellation fees for group lessons have been introduced.

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Cancellation fees for classes

Dear clients,
please note that from 1 December 2019 cancellation fees for group lessons have been introduced.

What will change for you?

Nothing will change for those who come to class or check out in time.
If you do not arrive or check out after the deadline, you will be charged a cancellation fee and your account will be blocked until the fee is paid.

At the same time, if the class is fully booked, use the option to register for the class as a substitute. When one of the entrants makes a reservation cancellation, the vacancy is filled in according to the order of the reported alternates.
When booking as a substitute, you can also set how long before the class you want to be enrolled automatically and when you only want to be informed about vacancy. This is especially useful when there is space, e.g. 30 minutes before a lesson.

How will the reservation work?

1. Online registration for classes remains the same as now, however, we recommend that you especially watch mass bookings for your friends. If you make a reservation eg for 4 people and you only come 3, the cancellation fee is charged to your account

2. It will no longer be possible to make anonymous reservations by phone or directly at the reception; that you can ask the receptionist to make a reservation, but it must always be in a specific name.

Cancel fees

  • More than 6 hours before the class starts - 0 CZK
  • Less than 6 hours before the start of the class - 50% of the class price
  • Less than 1 hour or in the absence of the class - 100% of the class price

At the same time as the fee is charged, the account will be blocked until the fee is paid

How can I pay a fee?

  • Directly at the reception
  • By uploading the credit to your account
  • From 10 or 20 passes

Thank you all for your understanding.


November 11, 2019

Christmas is coming and you can buy again our favorite Christmas gift vouchers. You can donate a voucher for the following services...

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Christmas is coming and you can buy again our favorite Christmas gift vouchers. You can donate a voucher for the following services:

  • Any membership or pass from our offer (for fitness, classes, solarium or Vacu Shape)
  • Individual 3-month fitness program - more in Nutrition Counseling section
  • Personal trainings with a trainer

Vocuheres are available at the reception.

Free first entry

Panther Gym Fitness is a unique space for your sports activities and works on your own body and lifestyle. You will find first-class equipment and fitness machines and refresh yourself with an ionic drink at the bar whilst fine-tuning your diet with your trainer. Panther Gym is a family business, and we believe you will feel here like at home.

In order to have enough time to make your own opinion, you will receive your first free entry as a welcome gift. It is up to you to use it for individual training, stretching, or participating in a group lesson. We believe you will come back to us!

More information here

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První vstup zdarma do fitness


Do you want to take advantage of our offer and come to try Panther Gym for free? Great!

You will only need a few moments to fill in a short form so we can register you and send you a voucher. Then you will come with the printed voucher to us and your first visit here will be paid from our pocket!

How to do it?

Fill in and submit the registration form, which you can find below, and we will send you a voucher for FREE ENTRY. Bring the printed voucher or its electronic version on your mobile phone to the gym and that's it!


  • The voucher can be used anytime within opening hours.
  • The voucher can be used for one-time entry to the fitness or one entry to any group lesson.
  • A new visitor can always use only one voucher and is required to register himself at the reception of the gym.
  • The first free entry cannot be combined with other discounts or marketing actions!
  • The customer who uses the voucher for the first free entry is obliged to follow the Visiting Rules of Panther Gym Čakovice.

Email was successfully sent.
We will contact you soon with a Voucher! :)

You didn't recieve your E-mail? Check other folders like promo events, bulk and spam.


Nutritional counseling

Balanced and tasty food is the basis of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We understand that in the beginning, it may be difficult to orient yourself in a lot of information about a properly set diet.

Our trainers are specialists in nutritional counseling and will be happy to help you create a diet plan. The diet will be tailored to your individual needs while kicking you forward on your way to a dream body. Come and find out how fast your eating habits will change!

More information here

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Výživové poradenství - fitness
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  • Cardio zone

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    Cardio zone serves to warm up the muscles before workout as well as for a separate aerobic training. It features modern machines to strengthen the cardiovascular system and start metabolism. Whether you want to ride a bike, try an eliptical or run on a treadmill, you'll be satisfied!

  • Machine zone

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    In the machine zone, you will find all the necessary fitness machines. Whether you prefer your own training sessions or use the services of a professional trainer, this room will become your second home!

  • Relax zone

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    In the relax zone, you will use a number of balance aids, relax the body during meditation or stretch yourself according to your own habits. Whether you come to us after an accident or take a pregnant partner with you, everyone can find a place to relax in the relax zone.

  • Dumbbell zone

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    Get all the required weights here! There are peace and space for the individual strengthening of your muscles, and you will certainly find here everything you need.

  • Workout cage

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    Don't worry, you can leave your workout cage at any time! It is mainly used for exercising on horizontal bars and for exercising with your own weight. This strength sport has already catched the whole world, and we are definitely not behind!

  • Group lessons

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    Whether it is more fun for you to practice in a team or you are only interested in lecturer-led sports, you will definitely have fun at our group lessons!

  • Solarium

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    Let the sunrays into your life whenever you want. Warm your body and get a beautiful tan in our top-of-the-line MegaSun Ultra Power 6000 CPI solarium. Being bronze doesn't mean being third here!

  • VacuShape

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    Do you want to shape your body even more effectively? Take advantage of the combination of physical activity and vacuum chamber on the VacuShape machine, and your body will start changing right before your eyes!

  • Taping

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    Taping service has become popular not only with athletes. Thanks to special taping tapes, which actually work as a custom made orthosis, we will fix the stretched neck or sore wrist in a while. So you will be able to keep doing the full exercise.

  • Refreshment

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    After a hard workout, you need to refresh your body and provide it with the necessary nutrients. At the front desk, you can buy balanced and full-fledged foods that make this fast and tasty. Whether you want a protein shake, an ionic drink or water, you will certainly not get thirsty with us.

  • Quality background

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    You will feel comfortable and safe in our changing rooms. We have designed the environment for women's and men's needs, and we believe you will be satisfied.

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Personal fitness trainer

Group Lesson Instructor

Phone: 721 912 754


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Personal trainer, instructor


Phone: 728 760 962


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Group lesson instructor


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Group lesson instructor

Yoga instructor

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Group lesson instructor

Yoga instructor

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Blanka Kadlecová



Phone: 725 518 688


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Linda Špirková



Phone: 725 518 688


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Design recepce - Panther Gym


We are pleased to inform that you can pay for your entry to the fitness or buy a group ticket also with MultiSport Benefit card or Benefit Plus cafeteria. Benefit Plus can be used to pay for all the services except personal trainer and taping.


We have prepared for you an offer of functional and stylish clothing not just for fitness. If you are looking for clothing made of quality material that will keep your body dry and your muscles warm, you will definitely choose some.

Right here in Panther Gym, you can create an order with our receptionist, and we will deliver the goods in a while. Of course, it is possible to try out clothes in Panther Gym. We believe you will be satisfied with your choice!

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What we offer?

Rashguard Compression T-Shirts

Extremely strong yet sophisticated lightweight material with a high compression ratio ensures activation and protection of your muscles, even in tough sports performance. For a great gadget, we also consider the UV factor of 50+ to protect your skin on hot summer days. Not only ladies will surely appreciate the material, which prevents the pinch of any Velcro. So you don't have to worry about pulling out the threads! Last but not least, we have to mention the “second skin” technology, which already suggests that you will feel like in your own skin. We believe you will love Rashguard Compression T-shirts too!
Material: Compression fabric, 80% polyester and 20% elastane


Shorts of pleasant and quality material will surely attract every sports enthusiast. The loose material givescomfort even during hard workouts. In addition, we offer all shorts in modern style and in interesting color combinations. We believe you will be satisfied with your choice!

Men's Tank Tops

We are aware that men appreciate the practicality and style of their clothes. Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of men's vests, which are made of quality and ultra-lightweight material. The tops are also available in fashionable and stylish designs. If you want to feel and look good even during a hard workout, you will definitely be satisfied!

Women's fitness vests

Even the ladies will definitely be satisfied with our offer! You can have functional and comfortable women's singlets in interesting designs. Their biggest advantage is the ultra-lightweight "Slim Fit" material, which highlights your strengths and adapts to the curves of your body. Be beautiful and fit in our Panther Gym Tank Tops!

One-color T-shirts with logo

There is beauty in simplicity, it is an old truth. We know very well that many of you feel best in comfortable, loose T-shirts while exercising. That's why we have also prepared polyester shirts for you in various colors. What's more, with the Panther Gym logo, it will be clear to everyone at a glance that you are part of our fitness team! We believe you will be satisfied with your choice.

How to order clothes from us?

One-color T-shirts with logo are available immediately, right at the gym reception. T-shirts are available in sizes XS-XXL (Black), M-XXL (Green) and XS-M (Pink).
Compression T-shirts, men's and women's vests and shorts are always made to order, so the delivery time is about 2-3 weeks from ordering.

If you're interested, follow these steps:

  • Select the required clothing, number and size. Sizes can be selected virtually any - from XS to XXL. We can even add baby sizes. If you want to "touch" on clothes, let us know and we will show you at the reception upon agreement. You can see some of our trainers, so you can catch them :)
  • Then you make a binding order with our Julie at the reception desk, deposit a 50% deposit and let us contact you so we can let you know when the clothes arrive.
  • Then just pay the rest of the price and beautiful sportswear is yours!

Follow us

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And if you took a picture at the gym, do not hesitate to podt it. Use #panthergymcakovice or #makamspantherem hastags and at least one „like“ you will have directly from us!



Mon-Fri after 4 PM, weekends and holidays - can be parked anywhere near the building. Other terms - reserved parking places.


Oderská 843/9
196 00


2. patro


Bus number 140

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The current schedule of group lessons.

Here we have prepared a detailed schedule of group lessons for you. Just choose from a list of group lessons and secure your lesson with the „BOOK A LESSON“ button.

If you do not have a registration with us, create it directly with the booking system. If you are already registered with us (you have bought any pass with us) and you do not have functional online reservations or you are not sure whether you have a registration, we will be happy to put everything in operation for you at the gym reception.

Use online bookings to always be sure of your lesson.

Cancellation less than 12 hours prior to the lesson may incur a cancellation fee.

We are looking forward to your participation!

  • 15:00
  • 15:30
  • 16:00
  • 16:30
  • 17:00
  • 17:30
  • 18:00
  • 18:30
  • 19:00
  • 19:30
  • 20:00
  • 20:30
  • 21:00