My name is Laďka Jeřábková and I am a personal trainer with 5 years of experience.

I work in the premises of Panther Gym Čakovice within personal trainings and classes. During summer, I train together with clients outside in the fresh air on workout playgrounds, which I and my clients consider a great benefit. I specialize mainly in exercises with my own body weight - calisthenics, but I will be happy to help / advise you in the preparation for field obstacle races - OCR. I also organize training courses and workshops.

"I love sport!"

I've been playing sports my whole life. My work experience in sports started especially with the beginning at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport 6 years ago. I started working mainly with children and on the development of their general physical fitness, then on the basics of gymnastics. During the studies, I first became acquainted with calisthenics and completely fell in love.. Until then, long before that, I liked strengthening with my own body weight, but with coach David Rejl, currently the only WCO Elite Coach in the Czech Republic, and I dare say that the best calisthenics trainer in our country, my exercise took on completely different dimensions. I started doing competitive sports as an adult! Kalisthenika - street workout, as a relatively young sport, together with my studies changed my lifestyle, priorities and leisure content. He brought me a lot of friends in this community not only at races and he taught me many things.

"Calisthenics together with my studies changed my lifestyle"

Currently, my main job is the calisthenics coaching, which I have been doing for 3 years - especially individual trainings. However, dozens of regular clients also like to attend classes. Assuming following my advice and instructions, 96% of clients will see results within 3 months!

My ideal is the ancient Greek Kalokagathia - or harmony of body and soul, a refined mind and a healthy body. I believe in complexity, and that is why I also deal with the body as a whole, not its parts. In my comprehensive approach, I deal with clients' training methods, nutrition, regeneration, psyche and general health. I try to make the trainings colorful and playful. At the same time, I am constantly supplementing my education at courses and workshops.

"Transferring my experience and client results will charge me with positive energy!"

Do you also want to try what is calisthenics about? Do you want to learn to have control over your own body? Learn push-ups or other advanced exercises? Change your life for the better? Whether you are a complete beginner or intermediate, Write to me and together we will figure out how I can best help you on the way to your dream.


  • Graduate of master's studies at FTVS UK, field of study - Physical Education and Sport

  • Fitness instructor (course accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports at FTVS UK)

  • World Calisthenics Organization Coach Level 2

  • Massager for sports and reconditioning massages outside the field of healthcare

  • Handstand Workshop - David Rejl


  • RVL Pull Up Jam 2016 - sets & reps - 2nd place
  • Workout Mělník Battlemania 2017 - weighted - 1st place
  • Czech League Streetworkout 2017 - 1st place
  • RVL Pull Up Jam 2017 - sets & reps - 1st place
  • Workout Battle Rakovník 2018 - 1st place FREESTYLE women
  • MČR ve Streetworkoutu 2018 FREESTYLE women - 3rd place
  • Fénix Street Workout Battle Opava 2018 - 1st place FREESTYLE women
  • EVLS Street Workout Festival 2018 - 1st place FREESTYLE women
  • Czech streetworkout championship 2019 FREESTYLE women - 3rd place
  • Czech streetworkout championship 2020 FREESTYLE women - 2nd place
  • Qualified to World streetworkout championship



  • Spartan Race Liberec Sprint 2017, Competitive Heat - 3rd place 
  • Army Run Vítkov 2017 - CAPTAIN 5+ km - 2nd place
  • HEROES RACE 7km Hradec nad Moravicí 2018 - 3rd place
  • Spartan Race Kouty Sprint 2018 - 1st place Age group
  • World championship 2018
  • Army Run Vítkov 2018 - CAPTAIN 5+ km - 3rd place
  • Gladiator Race Hradec Králové  - 2nd place
  • Spartan Race Kutná Hora Sprint 2019 - 1st place Age group 25-30 y.
  • Predator Race Monínec 2019 - 3rd place Brutal Elite, 3rd place Master Weekend ELITE (Dril, Brutal, Masakr)
  • Gladiator Challenge Kralupy 2019 - 1st place Age group
  • World championship Kelvedon Hatch 2019
  • Spartan Race Liberec Sprint 2020, 1st place Age group 25-30 y., 1st place women


If you are interested in my services, do not hesitate to contact me and together we will arrange a free of charge start meeting, where we will find the best possibility of cooperation based on your needs! I look forward to you!


Phone.: +420 602 777 594
E-mail: [javascript protected email]