• Individual training plans tailored to the physical needs and capabilities of each client. (Volume training plans, fitness training, and drawing programs.)
  • Rehabilitation exercises (exercises aimed at solving problems with the cervical spine, flat feet, relaxed trapezoidal muscles after injuries, strengthening the deep stabilization system, solving problems with the back, discs and overall strengthening of your musculoskeletal system).
  • Taping - muscle and correction.
  • Weight loss with sustainable eating habits and training tailored to your needs.
  • OCR preparations and performance races.
  • Exercises with the help of balance aids (BOSU, Aquahit, Balance Lens) and TRX suspension system.
  • Compilation of functional nutrition plans and sustainable diet along with consultation on nutritional supplements.
  • I will teach you to breathe properly and effectively, use stretching to relax your muscles and correct body posture in everyday life.
  • Together we set out on a journey to your quality and satisfying life. I will be your guide and motivator, and I believe you will be satisfied with the results!


I started out like many of us, on the couch. Today's hurried times overloaded with experiences, often do not allow an individual to breathe, stop and check if his or her body box works as it should or as he/she wishes. So it was with me, and despite the growing belly and shallower breath, I didn't notice that I was no longer comfortable in my body. I was too busy working. The cold shower came to the district doctor's preventive checkup, where I was confronted with the percentage of fat around my important organs.

It was a shock! After all, I was brought up for quite good eating habits and in my family, obesity has never developed much. Suddenly I realized that my hurried lifestyle, the lack of fresh food, air and movement, and the stress my life was full of, were to blame. I had the motivation and I had a strong will since childhood, so the solution was clear right from the start. I need more movement, I need to focus more on myself.

That's how my fitness center started. I started to educate myself in the field of healthy nutrition, movement became my hobby and soon I realized that none of this was a coincidence. I have discovered my mission. I found myself in sweaty sweatpants and condition training.

After successfully completing the necessary courses and further self-education, we founded (with my wife) the Panther Gym Fitness Center, where I can now create customized training and eating plans for you. I appreciate the uniqueness of each client and so I place great emphasis on individual approach and comprehensive care. You can meet me at OCR and group lessons.

Obstacle racing (OCR) is my second world. I have been dedicated to them since 2013, when this sport started in our country. I have completed several dozen races of all formats, lengths and difficulties. The biggest success for me so far is participation in the European Championships in Spartan Race 2016 and especially the 3rd place at the Czech Championship in the Age Group in 2020..

I look forward to you!



A one-time lesson for individuals

Only as an introductory lesson or by appointment

CZK 550

10 lessons for individuals

CZK 5 000

A one-time lesson for a couple

Only as an introductory lesson or individually by appointment

CZK 850

10 lessons for a couple

CZK 7 000

Creating an individual training plan

CZK 800

Food and nutrition consultation

CZK 600

Tanita weight measurement

Results in electronic form

CZK 100

Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
The average lesson lasts 60 minutes.
Each lesson includes an initial warm-up, self-exercise, and final stretching.
The price does not include fitness admission.


Phone: +420 721 912 754
E-mail: [javascript protected email]