Calisthenics - new class


Lessons take place every Tuesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 and on Wednesday from 18:30 to 19:30.



The price of the lesson is CZK 200, the Multisport card cannot be used for this lesson. When using the Active Pass card, you will pay only an additional CZK 100. The minimum capacity of the lesson is 4 people and the maximum is 10 people. Reservations are required for the lesson. If the capacity of the lesson is not filled at least 9 hours before the start of the lesson, the lesson is automatically canceled and you will receive an email notification.



This is an exercise with own body weight, suitable for everyone who wants to start a healthy workout. There are no prerequisites or skills prerequisites, you will learn all this here. During the training you will gradually learn the technique of 5 basic elements of calisthenics (push-ups, dips or push-ups on parallel bars, men's push-ups, squats and lifts) and other exercises that will support the comprehensive development of strength and endurance. After mastering the basic 5 pillars and gaining strength skills, more advanced exercises follow (more demanding exercises - including elements from freestyle).